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Ashes Forever in Glass

The Molten Pixie at the flame

I work one to one with each customer, meeting those local in person, or discussing the requirements via email, messenger, phone, facetime. I have had great success at meeting if not exceeding my customers expectations.

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AShes Charm Beads £50


One of my most popular items, is a charm bead, I can do them in various sizes and colour combinations.  Digitally annealed in a kiln for strength, and then lined with sterling silver and flared in silver by hand.

Charm beads are £50 

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Other items


I make all kinds of jewellery and display items containing loved ones ashes, I love working with customers ideas to make them something totally personal. 

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working with ashes

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The Ordering Process

I offer a bespoke service, nothing I make is the same and I will work with you to agree style size and colour to create your keepsake as unique as the loved one it is made from. You can email me, contact me on Facebook, phone, skype. 

Items can be purchased through my shop, but I will need to discuss your order with you before going ahead.